How To Vote

We are asking the audience to vote for the daily winning photograph.  We are trying a new format, where both pictures will be contained in one post, as opposed to the old method where there were many separate, confusing posts for each day.  Add a comment to this consolidated post to cast your vote, along with any feedback you might like to give about the pictures.  Be sure to include the title of the picture you are voting for and please vote only once.  Remember to vote based on which photo you think is best each day, and not on the photographer you want to win.  Voting is open until midnight the next day.  After that, we will let you know whose picture won and perhaps offer some comments of our own about the work.  This is an untested system, so ask questions or offer suggestions if you want.  Thank you for your participation!

Here is a rough example of how one sequence will be:

April 30th, Admin posts a picture called Garage Door and a picture called Flower Garden.  Votes will be posted in the comments of this post.  Votes will be accepted for at least 24 hours.  John voted for Flower Garden, Jane voted for Flower Garden, and Jill voted for Garage Door.

May 1st, Voting continues.

May 2nd, Voting closes and Flower Garden was the winner for April 30th with 2 out of the 3 votes.  So-and-So was the photographer.

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  1. Mike says:

    I vote for the semi-naked statue.

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