The Contest

Round Three:  Ingrid vs.  Ilsa

The Contest Photographic v3.0 will run for the month of July 2011.  Ingrid and Ilsa  will compete during the weekdays, with the weekends being reserved for the contestants’ choice of “her” best photo of the week.  This photo will not have appeared previously in the contest.   Rules – anything goes – fun cell phone camera apps – check  dSLR photos – check point and shoot photos – check.   Basic editing in PS is allowed – white/black balance, exposure comp, cropping or to make the photo B&W.  Editing or effects done with a cell phone camera app are also allowed.


Round Two: Chris vs. Lynn.  60 photographs.  38 points.  30 days.  2 contestants.  1 winner.

The Contest Photographic v2.0 will run for the entire month of June 2011.  Lynn and Chris will compete each day with new pictures.  We’ll get out there and take hundreds, or even thousands of photos, all day, and then slave away at our computers all night to choose the best one to show to you the next day.  Then you get to vote and decide who wins!

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