The Rules

Round 3 -Our modifications to the rules:

Rules -Equipment-  anything goes – fun cell phone camera apps – check  dSLR photos – check point and shoot photos – check.   Basic editing in PS is allowed – white/black balance, exposure comp, cropping or to make the photo B&W.  Editing or effects done with a cell phone camera app are also allowed.

This week we’ll try to post everyday – we may switch to a M/W/F/Sat schedule

These are all friendly on-your-honor type rules and hopefully they make sense.

1.  Each contestant will submit a photo each day before midnight.  Then the audience will have 24 hours to vote on the pictures. The winning picture will be determined by a majority of the audience’s votes.  In the case of a tie, the points will be split (0.5 or 1.5 each).  If a contestant fails to provide a picture on any given day, he/she will forfeit the point to the other player, assuming that person did submit a photo on that day.

2.  Points will be awarded to the daily winner as follows.  The days Sunday through Friday will be worth one point each, and Saturdays’ pictures (to be voted on Sunday) will be worth three points each.  To make things even more interesting, Saturday will be “theme day.”  Saturday themes will be as follows:

  • June 4: Footwear
  • June 11: (tbd)
  • June 18: (tbd)
  • June 25: (tbd)

3.  Each day’s entry must have been taken on that day.  This will encourage us to get out and be creative every day.

4.  Chris will use his venerable Kodak DC290.  This pre-21st century artifact was bequeathed to him by his partner, Ren; it includes such awesome features as a 2.1 megapixel CCD, 3x optical zoom, and a ginormous 256MB CompactFlash card.  Lynn will compete with her more modern, yet less impressive looking Fuji Finepix J38 complete with 12.2 mexapixels and 3x optical zoom. All features of the cameras are allowed to be used.

5.  There will be no photo editing except to resize, crop, or convert to greyscale.  This is a competition of photography skill, not editing skill, so all edits must be made in accordance with the spirit of the game.

6.  All pictures will be posted by “admin” to preserve anonymity and make a fair competition.  We will reveal the photographer of the winning picture once voting has closed for that day.


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